Video with the highest bridge
Video with the highest bridge

Meet the new column – “Great Creators”!
We are all creators in this life, creating the world in which we live and even ourselves. But what we sometimes see around is the creation of brilliant minds. And it’s worth talking about!
We dedicate it to our colleagues and idols from the past and present. We will talk about the largest and longest bridges, the most complex and original buildings, the most diverse structures in Ukraine and the World.

The South Bridge is the second longest bridge in Kiev after the Paton Bridge. It began to be built in 1983, when the Kharkov massif, Poznyakov … all that is now at the exit to the left bank from the bridge was not there.

The main goal in the construction of the South bridge was to connect the central part of Kiev with developing areas of the left bank (including using the metro line), as well as create the shortest and most convenient way to the Boryspil airport.

The bridge is made combined with the movement of cars and metro trains, and pipes of the heating main and water pipes of large diameters are laid on the bridge. In addition to all this, cable communications are located in the bridge spans. In sum, all this created a load on the structure, which is comparable to the 20 lanes filled with cars and added some trouble to the designers.

The location of the subway cars under the cables is hidden by a steel canopy. This is done to avoid damage to passing trains by falling icicles that form on the ropes in the winter season.

To ensure the necessary dimensions for the passage of ships under the bridge, the main span, together with the steel part, almost 300 meters long, is suspended on cables. The main part of the suspension of the span is a 133-meter pylon in which the cables are fixed.

In 1990, automobile traffic on the South Bridge was opened and the metro line across the bridge was launched only after 2 years – 1992.

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