Interview with project manager
Interview with project manager

Attention friends! We start  a new section “Interviews” , where we will introduce you our team.

Olha is one of our best project managers. Today she will tell us more about the large project in collaboration with IT-company Alteryx!

Object Photo: Office for Alteryx

What is our role on the project?

General contract. There are a number of advantages of implementing turnkey projects and the most important is the timely implementation, so it all depends on you.

What is unique about this project?
This is a great example for us, where we can see the synchronized work of builders, engineers and furniture production. Lag in one of the directions involves a delay of all the others. But in our case, well-established work in all areas is the highest level and everything is completed on time.

What provided to implement on time?
Our flexibility, experience and customer’s fast decision-making – work not only within the company, but also in a team with the customer.

Your brief description of the project.
Built-in furniture of own production, analogues – not inferior in characteristics, but more affordable; high-quality construction work and the installation of utility networks make the office as comfortable as possible for employees in an optimal budget, in accordance with the picture that was determined at the beginning of the design.